what gospel is miles gonna spout today?

site updates

may 19, 2024

getting a tattoo for sergio soon, rest easy bud <3

i'll add moo's photos to pets eventually lol i don't want to do it rn

may 18, 2024

soooo hey it's been a bit huh? i moved, got my name fully changed legally, started back in therapy (not at the moment though because insurance issues </3), got a new kitty named moo, and tbf that's pretty much it. i missed coding so here i am lol


november 11, 2023

partner got back on testosterone the other day, he's happy about it and so am i. :D we're moving hopefully before the end of the year so thats pretty cool

september 2, 2023

forgot this place existed, shocker ikr. anyways happy september

july 26, 2023

might head down to stockton in a month or two (roughly) to visit a friend 👀

july 25, 2023

the site looks cooler in my opinion now, and now i can use fun text colors as they are easier to see with the darker background. also made a page strictly for website updates (will keep previous blog posts for logging purposes)

july 24, 2023

finished adding the pets page! will most likely add photos to the games and music page :)

july 23, 2023

send me things i should add to the website :D www.guilded.gg/u/milescitrine

(update from 11:47pm: pets page is in the works)

july 22, 2023

what the fuck do i put on this damn site

july 20, 2023

added gallery photos today, uploaded the art photos i plan on posting but i haven't put them up yet.

update from 1am on the 21st: added the art photos to the site :D

july 19, 2023

why can't cops actually arrest people that have warrants? it seems like common sense but i guess not.

july 18, 2023

i forgot that beginner html was so easy, haven't touched it since late 2019 - early 2020. to be fair i have already been stumped by a few issues but i've found workarounds or alternatives, so all is well so far. let's hope i don't forget to post on this thing.